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What Are You Afraid Of?

We’re still basking in the memories of Sedona sunshine, thunderstorms, and rainbows. Today, we are sharing with you our two final videos from our time engaging the people in the red mountains of Northern Arizona.

I’ve reflected on this time with a lot of gratitude. Sedona is my home. I grew up there. And you can believe that it’s a surreal experience to go back home to Sedona with a small army of people to bring hope and light – to my town. I never could have imagined the setup, the way friends from home, from my home church, and friends from Dallas, and from reviveFLINT, along with other caring people, would come together to love Sedona. It was a gift to be a part of that. It was beautiful to feel the warmth of love and the Holy Spirit as we prayed together in Christ Center each day.

But I suppose I never imagined, either, what I did on Day 3 while we were there. I walked around my own neighborhood where I grew up, meeting neighbors I never even knew, and boldly speaking of Jesus, boldly praying for them.

For so many like me, it might be the hardest thing to imagine – doing that whole “evangelism deal” on our own turf. But what is evangelism except sharing good news about the God’s free gift with whomever is around you? I recall that day, Michaela, Paul, and I approached a woman who lives on the street behind mine – a stranger to me – and she simply pointed to a sign: “No soliciting.” We were a little surprised, and we assured her we weren’t soliciting – we wanted to share something good with her – but she refused us. While this did us no real harm, it was a little discouraging, even embarrassing. I didn’t want to be seen as a solicitor – I wasn’t trying to sell anyone anything.

So, I have to ask, is this what we are afraid of? Being labeled as solicitors, being rejected, or maybe laughed at? Is that why we don’t go, don’t speak, don’t pray?

Because if that’s it, we might have some explaining to do. That day was a wonderful day. I met wonderful individuals, I engaged people on my long-time home turf – and some of them just really needed prayer that day. God showed up. Was I expecting otherwise? And about that ingrained mindset of fear – the fear of sharing Jesus with strangers and most of all, friends, family, neighbors… What exactly was I so afraid of?

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