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The state of the Church

The question of the state of the Church, much like that of the state of the union, is a controversial topic. Maybe some people would say, “The church is doing fine.” Others might say, “The church is failing its mission.” I would say that neither of those perspectives would be sufficient. The Church is not [...]

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The royal official

The royal official who appears in Scripture at the end of John 4 was an important man who worked for the tetrarch of Galilee. He was also the father of a sick son. He made a decision to leave his dying boy’s bedside, to travel more than 20 miles of rough terrain by foot to [...]

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Jesus’ Thirst

Jesus was thirsty. There is a story of Jesus coming to a well in Samaria because He was thirsty. There, He met a broken woman who was overlooked in her community, desperate for love, perhaps numb to life. She was a broken person who came to the well, again and again, to fill her bucket and [...]

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Lost in a daydream

This image crossed my mind some time last week: I saw the names on churchbuildings around Dallas – all of them – falling off. Blank buildings, no more titles. No “Methodist,” “Baptist,” “Catholic,” no catchy non-denominational names – all gone. Then I let my imagination go further, and I saw people getting practically confounded. But [...]

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Do you want to start over?

I’m jealous of Nicodemus. Well, aren’t you? This man got to do what I dream of doing: he sat down with Jesus, one on one, and asked Him questions. Of course, I can converse with the Lord in prayer at any time, and I know He does speak. But for a frail person like myself, [...]

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