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  • 750 volunteers registered to be a part of reviveFLINT.
  • 604 volunteers were from Michigan.
  • 12 states were represented: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, and Utah.
  • 89 volunteers came from the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
  • Volunteers represented 152 different congregations coming together (120 local congregations from the Flint area).
  • The volunteers knocked on 11,000 doors and had spiritual conversations in 2,600 households.
  • Through the nine days of outreach and the city-wide celebration, 233 individuals in Flint chose to trust Christ for the first time.
  • 88 individuals chose to rededicate their lives to Christ at the city-wide celebration.
  • 383 people indicated that they want to join bi-weekly Bible studies in their neighborhoods.
  • 12 urban gardens are being started in Flint, spearheaded by local pastor Bobby Jackson and Indiana farmer Rob Geiger.
  • Seven local media outlets covered reviveFLINT: (television) ABC 12 News, CBS 5 News, NBC 25 News, (radio) SMILE FM 89.7, Kettering University 94.3 FM, WSNL 600 AM, and (newspaper) The Flint Journal.
  • Surrounding the duration of reviveFLINT, the city saw no murders for 23 days.
  • Award winning artist Nicole C. Mullen performed at the city-wide celebration held in Perani Arena.
  • Flint Mayor, Dayne Walling, spoke at the city-wide celebration.
  • Station of the year, KCBI 90.9 broadcast the final evening city-wide celebration live to Dallas/Fort worth listeners.
  • 12 locals have stepped up as Outreach & Discipleship Directors (ODDs).


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